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I just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work and professional service that we received from your organization during the Salisbury Rowan Summit shopping center construction project.  Your company was very fair, well organized, and informed all the way from the change order process to the crews in the field.  We never had to go over things twice with your men, and the work was always completed very efficiently without compromising quality.  When we needed something done quickly and out of sequence, you took care of it.  When we needed guys to stay over to get something done for another trade, they stayed and worked until the job was done.  When we needed an electrician, you even did that for us too!  I can’t say enough good things about you and the McBride Owens organization.  We look forward to the next opportunity to work with you all again. 

Matt Elliott 
Construction Project Manager  
Hutton Construction, Inc.

736 Cherry Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402

ICON Builders is thrilled to partner with McBride Owens for our electrical and plumbing needs.  McBride Owens has been our primary electrician for 6 years.  We have recently begun using them for our plumbing needs as well.  They are extremely dependable and work hard to exceed our clients expectations.  In our business, we often need assistance on very short notice, and MO has always responded quickly.  We highly value our partnership.

Chuck Hicks

Owner, ICON Builders  

Winston Salem, NC

I am Kent Rock a traveling superintendent with Kelley Construction.  Since the majority of time, my projects are away from my hometown, we generally have little knowledge of the performance and actual abilities of the subs receiving bids.  More times than I would have imagined, subs that are awarded the projects do not perform satisfactorily.  Many times their lack of manpower, materials, and overall lack of urgency cause deadlines to be missed and tasks to be poorly completed.

McBride-Owen received the plumbing and electrical contracts on a project I was in charge of in Salisbury, N.C.   At first I was a little worried with one company having responsibility for two such large portions of the project.   Thankfully, I found them to be a blessing!   Everyone of their employees were very knowledgeable, respectful of other subs, and cleaned up on a daily basis.  My project required a very accelerated schedule and McBride-Owen done whatever it took to adhere to it and even help catch me up, without hesitation, when other subs caused delays.

McBride-Owen provided very competent lead people/project managers for each side of the house, plumbing and electrical.  When problems with the ability of following the plans, due to architectural shortcomings, they were both eager to offer remedies rather than wait for solutions from other sources.

It was a nice change of pace to work with such professionals that are eager to work, take ownership of the project, and provide a sense of urgency when required.  I would enjoy the opportunity to work on other projects with them and recommend you do as well.

Kent Rock
Kelley Construction Inc.
12550 Lake Station Place, Louisville, KY 40299

We have been using Mc Bride-Owens Electrical since they started, about 10 years ago.  They are diligent in their work efforts, maintain a cleanly worksite, present a professional image to our customers and have brought valuable money saving suggestions to our attention a number of times. We would like to keep them a secret from our competitors but many of them have found them.  MBO is a top notch group!

Rich Achor

ARENA Builders

Clemmons, NC

As a residential contractor, my top pick for an electrician are the guys at McBride-Owens. I have found them to be consistently professional, reliable, and reasonably priced. Whether I am working on a remodel of an older home or building a new house, they are competent, thorough, and trustworthy - always insuring the utmost safety. I have every confidence that each and every project is completed to the highest standards, as though it were their very own home. On more than one occasion they have gone above and beyond to satisfy my client. I will continue to use McBride-Owens for all my projects, and highly recommend them to anyone who needs a trustworthy, competent and excellent electrician.

Rodney Rickard
Rickard Construction & Design, Inc.
Clemmons, NC

I wanted to take a minute to say, my working relationship with McBride-Owen, Inc. has and is a pleasurable experience.

They continually perform their work in the highest professional manner. Time efficiency, quality, workmanship with fare pricing is their standard of operating.

If a reference is needed, feel free to contact me your convenience.  

Thank you,

Steve Ellis Senior Estimator 

KMD Construction, LLC  1001 West Innes Street, Salisbury, NC 28144


LMI Builders, Inc. has been working with McBride Owens, Inc. for over 6 years. They perform the electrical and plumbing work for the majority of our commercial construction projects. They are honest and dependable and will do the best job they can for us keeping us on schedule and making sure the owner is satisfied with their project.  We would recommend them for small and large projects. 

Leslie Restivo

LMI Builders, Inc.    Linwood, NC 27299

To all who seek to streamline their construction side: 

As a construction superintendent one thing that makes my life easier is a good subcontractor. I had the pleasure of working with McBride Owen Electric & Plumbing on a large shopping center in Salisbury North Carolina. From the day they came on site, with a their can do and we will do attitude, the job became much easier to handle. Every job has its problems, but how your Subs react to those problems makes the difference between success and failure. When Hutton Construction is building in the central North Carolina area, McBride Owen Electric & Plumbing will be our Electrical Contractor, and Plumbing Contractor as well.  

Thank you, 
Rowdy Posey 
General Superintendent   
Hutton Construction, Inc. 
736 Cherry Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402

McBride-Owens is growing and we are always in search of qualified, career minded employees.  If you are an experienced electrician, plumber, or helper in residential or commercial construction, repair or maintenance and interested in exploring the opportunity with McBride-Owens please click on link below to apply.

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